Best Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas Flower

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas Flower

OZILSTORE.BIZ.ID - Best Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas Flower - Waste or plastic waste is a big problem that has an impact on environmental pollution. However, this problem can be minimized if plastic waste is not disposed of carelessly and can be recycled or reprocessed. For example by making crafts from plastic waste.

Best Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas Flower

Crafts from plastic waste is one of the activities of recycling used or unused plastic. Activities play a significant role in reducing plastic waste, starting from household waste. This activity is carried out by turning waste into objects or goods that have use value.

Craft Ideas from Plastic Waste

Plastic waste can be processed into various forms of creative crafts. How to make it is also not too difficult. You can even use your own handicrafts or sell them. Plastic waste crafts can also be used as gifts or birthday gifts, fashion items, decorations and so on. The following are recommendations for craft ideas from plastic waste.

Flower Decoration

Plastic bottle waste can be recycled into aesthetic decorative crafts. You can recycle it into decorative flower crafts. The method is very easy, all you have to do is collect used bottles. Then cut or shape like a flower shape. Then just color it so it looks more attractive.

So if you buy a bottled drink, don't throw it away right away. You can save it and process it into flower crafts for home decoration.


The second craft idea from plastic waste is the wastebasket. You can process a collection of plastic waste into an aesthetic wastebasket.

The way to make it is quite easy, all you have to do is collect as many plastic bottles or as needed. Arrange the bottles to form a wastebasket, glued together using glue. Then color the basket with attractive colors.

Hanging Plant Pots

The next craft from plastic waste is a hanging plant pot. This craft idea is perfect for those of you who like to keep ornamental plants at home. You can process used plastic into hanging pots to put ornamental plants both outside and inside the house.

The way to make it is quite simple, all you have to do is prepare a 1 liter plastic bottle. Then cut the bottom of the bottle. Then add extra rope. Then the bottle is painted with an interesting color or picture so that it becomes a cute hanging pot.

Robot Toys

This next plastic bottle craft idea is suitable for children's activities. You can process plastic waste into cool and unique robot toys. This activity can also be a parent's activity with children in spare time.

Plastic robots can be made easily. First, you only need to prepare used plastic bottles, scissors and glue. Plastic scissors according to the shape of your robot design. Glue each part of the bottle using glue. The last step, color the robot according to your wishes. This activity is guaranteed to make children feel happy.

Accessories Container

If earlier it was children, this next craft idea from plastic waste is suitable for women. You can process plastic bottles into containers for various accessories at home, such as make-up containers, jewelry containers for rings and earrings, and other containers.

How to make a container for accessories from plastic bottles is quite easy. All you have to do is collect used plastic bottles. Then trim the top or bottom as desired. Next trim and color according to your wishes.

Pencil case

Another idea for recycling plastic bottles is to turn them into pencil cases. You can make pencil cases and other stationery using old plastic bottles. The pencil case from a plastic bottle has a unique and attractive shape.

How to make a pencil holder from a plastic bottle is very easy. All you have to do is prepare used plastic bottles. Cut and shape the bottle like a pencil case to your liking. Finally, color the bottle in an attractive color.

Those are recommendations for craft ideas from plastic bottles that you can try at home. You can make crafts from plastic waste in your spare time or when playing with your children.