How Many Questions In Theory Test

How Many Questions In Theory Test

Theory Test


The Theory Test is a multiple-choice test that measures the knowledge of road safety and vehicle maintenance. The Hazard Perception Test (HP) will be taken at the end of the theory test. You must pass both tests to get your licence or permit. You can take the tests at any time, but you must register for them in advance so that you can choose a date when there are no other learners on that day taking tests at your chosen centre.

Overview of the Theory Test

The theory test is 50 multiple choice questions, and you'll have to answer 37 of them correctly in order to pass. It lasts for 50 minutes (which is less time than it sounds), but don't worry if you run out of time—you'll get an extra five minutes as a buffer. The pass mark is 37 out of 50; so if you can get that score on paper, you should be able to drive safely too!

If you fail the theory test, then your driving instructor will work with you until they think that you're ready for another try at passing it.

The hazard perception test

The hazard perception test consists of a series of 9 clips, each lasting about 5 seconds. You will be shown 2 images at a time in the centre of your screen and asked to judge the order in which they change from one image to another.

It's important to note that this isn't a test of speed - you don't need to click as quickly as you can; rather it is based on whether or not you've identified all the hazards correctly.

There are two types of scenarios that can be found on the hazard perception test:


Theory test questions are in different formats and based on the Highway Code.


The number of questions in the theory test varies depending on the vehicle category, but for most learners it is 20. In addition to this, there are multiple choice questions that can be answered using either a traffic sign or picture.

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